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In collaboration with the International Writers Festival, Mishkenot Sha’ananim.

The International Writers Festival
  • The Forum

    The JIBF is a project of the Municipality of Jerusalem, produced by the Ariel Municipal Company.

    Since its inception in 1963, the JIBF – originally established as the Jerusalem International Book Fair, renamed and restructured in 2019 as the Jerusalem International Book Forum –has been bringing together members of the international publishing community for a week of professional and intellectual as well as informal gatherings.

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  • The Zev Birger Editorial Fellowship Program

    The Zev Birger Editorial Fellowship program, sponsored by the George von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group since its inception in 1985, is a week-long professional seminar bringing together leading editors agents and scouts from around the world to discuss significant issues of interest to the international publishing community.

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The application period for the next Zev Birger Editorial Fellowship program has begun, and will conclude on September 15th.

  • The 2021 Jerusalem Prize recipient

  • British Author Julian Barnes
  • British Author Julian Barnes

    Julian Barnes is the author of twenty-four books including, most recently, THE MAN IN THE RED COAT. He received the Man Booker Prize for THE SENSE OF AN ENDING and…

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