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About the Forum

The 2022 Jerusalem International Book Forum will be held in-person between May 15-18.  

The JIBF is a project of the Municipality of Jerusalem, produced by the Ariel Municipal Company.

Since its inception in 1963, the JIBF (previously – the Jerusalem International Book Fair; currently – the Jerusalem International Book Forum) has brought together members of the international publishing community for a week of professional and intellectual as well as informal gatherings. Like the book fair, which preceded it, the Forum connects people of different origins, backgrounds and roles; it embraces cultural diversity and encourages open dialogue. The Forum continues this tradition, deepening and expanding the professional relationships formed in the friendly, open atmosphere that has become the signature characteristic of the JIBF.

The Forum offers a vibrant, relevant, and engaging platform for publishing professionals. It serves as both a workshop and social gathering, recognizing that the bonds and connections between people are among our most valuable resources. It is a meeting ground for discussing challenges and sharing insights and experience. At the heart of the Forum is a program of events including panels, discussion groups, interviews, presentations and informal gatherings, where publishing professionals can engage in the free exchange of ideas with their colleagues.

Participation in the Forum’s events requires pre-registration

The Zev Birger Editorial Fellowship program, named after its founder and sponsored by the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group since its inception in 1985, is a week long professional seminar for a group of about thirty-five fellows (editors, agents and scouts), which coincides with the Forum, allowing for further networking opportunities for the fellows.

Since the beginning of the program it has produced about 600 Alumni. The Forum also offers special activities for returning Alumni. Participation of the Alumni is supported by Penguin Random House.

The selection process for the next group of Zev Birger fellows is also postponed until later this year, after a second application period (which will open soon) is concluded.

During the Forum the International Writers Festival of Mishkenot Sha’ananim, offers a series of cultural and literary events.


  • Uri Menachem, CEO, Ariel Municipal Company
  • Yoel Makov, Director, JIBF
  • Sharon Katz, Production Coordinator, JIBF
  • Hadar Makov-Hasson, Artisitic Director, JIBF
  • Liraz Nakdai, Head of Productions, Ariel Municipal Company
  • Shani Levi and Tatyana Talya Lomteva, Financial Supervisors, Ariel Municipal Companympany
About the Forum


to the 2022 Forum (May 15-18) has begun.