Éditions Noir sur Blanc was founded in 1987 in Montricher, Switzerland, by Vera and Jan Michalski, a couple with Swiss, Polish, Russian and Austrian roots.
Their ambition at the time was to build bridges between the cultures and peoples of Europe on either side of the Iron Curtain by publishing fiction and non-fiction texts that were intended to last.
Subsequently, various publishing houses joined them. The Libella Group, chaired by Vera Michalski-Hoffmann, has gradually been built up around significant publishing houses and today includes a dozen publishing houses in Switzerland, France, Poland and the Netherlands.
Present in Europe since the end of the 1980s, the group now includes the French publishers Buchet/Chastel, Éditions Noir sur Blanc, Phébus, Libretto, Les Cahiers dessinés, Delpire éditeur, Éditions Photosynthèses, as well as the Librairie polonaise de Paris located on Boulevard Saint-Germain. Born in Switzerland, he also grew up in Poland and now runs Éditions Noir sur Blanc et Favre in Lausanne and Oficyna Literacka Noir sur Blanc in Warsaw. He works closely with Wydawnictwo Literackie in Krakow.
The group is unique in its total financial independence and the diversity of its editorial production: French and foreign literature, travelogues, essays, documents, music, ecology, illustrated books and creative leisure activities. Priority is given to quality, in particular to the quality of the writing.